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The Alien Carrier - Helena - Full HD 1080p

After having delivered her the alien she takes on another alien passenger, this time she is fully aware she will not resist her desires & knows how this journey will end. She dons a new outfit & "something else" for her lucky passenger. Wearing some space lingerie that leaves little to the imagination she tells him how lucky he is & tells the computer to hold the alien prisoner in place. Locked into the chair the alien can't resist her even if he wanted to. She leans in close & begins licking his huge alien cock, it quickly becomes erect. She promises to do her best as she takes his cock in her mouth but she can barely fit the even the head in her mouth. She releases the prisoner from the constraints now he is willing & up for it. She stands by his side & gives him a handjob as she tells him he will remember this for a long time. She can't wait to start & sits atop his cock, with his cock between her ass cheeks she grinds her pussy acros! s the length of his cock as he thrusts lightly. Aroused by the feeling of his cock rubbing against her two holes she starts moaning and tells him to be careful with her ass as his huge alien cock scares him. He growls but she tells him to be patient as she reaches around & pulls out the buttplug out of her asshole, and remarks she should of used something bigger to loosen her up. She tells him to go as deep as he wants & to enjoy her ass. He fucks her ass hard & deep, she tells him to go slower but he ignores her. He fucks her asshole standing up sideways before taking her in the chair. As he sits in the chair she puts her feet on the armrests to support herself as she rides his cock that's in her ass. She can't help but briefly squirt as she is overwhelmed with pleasure. He holds her thighs & lifts her legs in the air as he takes over & begins thrusting deep in her tight ass as she tells him to fuck her hard. Now laid back on the alien size chair he tak! es her ass standing missionary. She tells him how fantastic it! feels as he pounds her ass as fast as he can. She then gets him to sit in the chair as she rocks back & forth on his big alien cock. As she rides him his cock penetrates her ass so deep it bulges her stomach, she tells him loves it. She tells him to surprise her & to not be shy. He makes her face him in the chair and he fucks as hard as he possibly can not only thrusting but also pushing her body down on his cock simultaneously for extreme penetration. She tells him he is tearing her ass apart but this just spurs him to keep going. He takes her next on the floor doggystyle fucking her tight ass as deep as he can, each thrust bulging her stomach. She tells him she will cum soon so he must cum soon too. He fucks her like the sex doll she is not holding anything back. She tells him he's a fucking freak & demands him to cum, a mere second later he starts cumming inside her ass. Not quite done she wants more of his cum so she kneels in front of him begging him for m! ore. She puts her hands around his girthy huge alien cock & begins giving him a handjob. He takes off his helmet revealing his ugly face but this just makes her want it even more. She tells him to cum on her face right before he shoots his load all over her face drenching it in his hot white sticky stuff.
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Format: mp4
Duration: 36:06
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 14562kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 3.8 GB


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